50% discount on our best selling WordPress package!

Everyone is going through a very testing time at present and many businesses not able to work.
By not working many self-employed people aren’t earning what they usually do even when it comes to receiving the government payout in June.

With the above being the case and many people watching what they spend we are reducing our most popular WordPress package to half it’s normal cost.

This offer will be on until further notice so if you would like some further details please drop me an email directly at info@web-social.co.uk

I am happy to offer this cost as;
1. Many businesses do not have website and once life returns back to normal a quality website could help them gain new leads/work.
2. It keeps trade coming in for me as I am too experiencing the same as any other business at present.

I hope that everyone is well and staying safe (and indoors)

Best wishes, Sam Lawrence