Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy

Any information supplied by you will be used for communicating with you during email communication. We shall ensure that your information is kept private and confidential. At all times, we shall endeavour to keep such information secure and safe. We shall not disclose your information to any third party service provider for the purposes of cross-promotion.

We will only communicate with you in response to your initial contact. If you email us using the web contact form or simply via email we shall NOT automatically add your information to an email mailing list. Any additions to our email mailing list are based on verbal agreements or via the newsletter sign-up form on

We ourselves understand how frustrating it can be filtering genuine emails from bogus marketing. From May 25th 2018, as GDPR comes into effect, you will also have the right ask us to remove any information that we may hold about you.

You have a right to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. To do this, please contact us in writing: by email, or at the address given above.

We commit an enhanced privacy

We believe that privacy is as important to us as it is to you. Whenever hiring internet marketing service you prefer to avoid spammy stuffs and so do we. There are some other issues too that you will just want to be specific about. That’s the reason we follow a convenient privacy policy for our marketing service. We have the fullest respect for your rights and we will try to the best of our power to protect the information that you share with us!

We expect your contemplation on the mentioned privacy disclosures

  • This privacy notices are solely followed by us to assure safe and secure implementation of the service.
  • We are the owner of the information collected from this website.
  • We only have the access to the information that you share with us voluntarily or given by any direct contact from you.
  • We do not entertain sale or rent of any of the information, collected from you.
  • The information is used only by the company and for the purpose of making contacts regarding the service you have contacted us for.
  • We maintain fidelity by not sharing the confidential information with any outsider.

Security privacy practices

We follow and maintain precautions to protect your information. We assure both online and offline security of all the information that you have shared with us.
Whenever we receive sensitive information (confidential banking details primly), that information is encrypted and transmitted in a secure way. This can be ensured by looking at the “https” right at the beginning of the address bar of the website.

Only the employees, who need to perform a specific job with that information are granted the access of the same.


All the mouse clicks, mouse movements, scrolling activity and along with that, any text that you type on the website are under supervision and may be recorded. However, we do not collect or record any personally identifiable information.